The first step to dealing with reality is to accept it. 

Life Skills.. Back to Basics

Today's society looks at life totally different our basic life principles have been devalued and what we grew up on as normal is no longer in the equation. Unfortunately killings, shootings, rape and kidnapping happen on a everyday basis. You can't watch the news with out seeing something about someone getting hurt and that doesn't exclude women and children so that just reaffirms how bad our community has fallen. Back to Basics is simply getting back to respect of our selves and others, utilizing our basic moral principles that our elders were raised on. Our children need to know what it meant when the street lights came on and the porch light started flashing. 

We need as much assistance as possible this summer is already upon us and we are loosing our youth at an alarming rate. Make a donation to help save a life..... 

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Teens Of Tomorrow has promised to make a difference in our community starting one life at a time. From housing to education and from employment to basic life skills we are hands on.

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